The cod baked with egg

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A delicious and hearty dish from the available ingredients. Tender cod with fried onions, potato and egg omelette will not leave anyone indifferent! Help yourself!

Ingredients for The cod baked with egg

Step by step instruction of cooking The cod baked with egg

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Cod I have frozen. I defrost it by leaving on the bottom shelf of the fridge overnight. After defrosting the water with the fish not much pressing! Otherwise it will be dry and not tasty.
Treat the skin from the scales, rinse the fish with water.

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Fish fillet cut into portions

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Season with salt and pepper, you can add favorite spices for the fish. I have not added so as not to interrupt the delicate flavor of cod.
To pyrovate in flour...

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and fry in mixture of butter (1tbsp. L.) oil until cooked and blush, on all sides.

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Onion cut into half rings (rings) is not finely and fry in a pan in vegetable oil for about 5 minutes, Much to fry the onions is not worth it, let it remain a little crunchy

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Pre-cook the potatoes in their skins, peel and cut into slices. Brown with the addition of vegetable oil in a pan, in the process slightly to prisolit.
In a bowl to release the eggs, add the milk, 2 tsp flour, pinch of salt and whisk until smooth.

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A suitable form for baking grease Rast. oil, put the fish pieces, to collect potatoes...

Шаг 8

From top to distribute the onions. Pour the beaten egg.
Bake in a hot oven at t 180-190*C for 30-40 min. Navigate on your technique! For 5-7 minutes until cooked the top can be lubricated with sour cream and browned under the grill.

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Cod baked with egg ready! Bon appetit!

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A piece of fish aesthetically pleasing to capture failed, but the taste of the fish turned out-delicious!