Homemade cutlets "Creamy"

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Truly delicious, cold, creamy cakes. Fluffy, juicy and flavorful, they will not leave you indifferent. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Homemade cutlets "Creamy"

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade cutlets "Creamy"

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The first thing the loaf to tear the crust, crumb pour cold milk. Let him stand on the sidelines, while we do the stuffing. To the mince add the garlic passed through the press and the onions grated on a coarse grater.

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Add salt and all the spices. Pour the milk with the swollen loaf. Carefully knead the dough until smooth. Then the mince put into the package-the shirt, tie and hard to beat meat on the table for a minute. Just take and throw the package on the Desk, but no extra effort to package not burst. With this procedure, the minced meat comes out excess air. The burgers are juicy, thick, hold their shape well.

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From the package to get the meat. Small portions spread stuffing on flattened palm in the center of the stuffing to put a piece of butter. To form a Patty Saipov region. Fry the meatballs on medium-high heat in vegetable oil with the lid closed on both sides until Golden brown. Then the fire abated, pour boiled water ( very little bit) and saute meatballs until cooked. The water should all evaporate.