Mint julep with ginger ale

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"... Cobbler? "No," said I, mint julep. — Great! I'll fix you a julep that the feet will not stand. Thank you. That's just all I need..." Sung in XLVI (46th) Chapter of the novel "Quarteroni" Mayne Reid, a popular mint cocktail era of the slave South, not only survived the fall of the Confederacy, but also conquered, in contrast to their creators, winners. My version. Mrs. barska is dedicated.

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My mint, remove unusable leaves and part of the stem, remove and put in a glass 4-6 large healthy leaf, top leave. Pour 60 ml of Bourbon or one volume. Bourbon, you can use any according to your taste. For those who are a novice Bourbon - American whiskey, including Bourbon, are divided into three categories according to the type of use and production technology. Cocktail - whiskey used mostly in cocktails. This low-grade whiskey, usually with a slight taste of vodka. Whiskey on the rocks - drunk chilled on ice. They too might taste the essential oils, which is removed by cooling. Often used in cocktails. Straight whiskey (or single barrel) the quality is comparable, and often superior, aged brandy. Most of the Bourbons belong to the category of straight. In our julep, you can use any whiskey, but I would suggest an inexpensive type Bourbon Jim beam white label.