Fruits in syrup with lemon juice

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Harvested fruits in syrup with lemon or lime juice such that we do not grow, and it is: peaches, large plums, apricots, nectarines, grapes dark, sometimes a pear, but our small and small apples. Doing the same pattern and I want to say that I use a concentrated juice SICILIA for a long time as soon as I saw him in stores. Very convenient, and previously squeezed lemon juice.

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Ingredients for Fruits in syrup with lemon juice

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruits in syrup with lemon juice

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All that we need for conservation. Take juice to taste lemon or lime. I have to say that was done with both types and like them both with the other. In the stores is the preservation of peaches and apricots expensive and better, and more profitable to do it at home. This is simple and fast.

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Banks are sterilized in microwave for 5 minutes power 800, pouring 100 ml of water. Banks I have 0.5 liters, For such conservation banks are better to take with a wide mouth, tons of fruit cut in half and the slices are large, especially peaches. Apricots are also trying to purchase a large and not very soft. Cover boil in a pot of water on the stove. Fruit wash, dry paper towel. All the fruit I have with bone and I removed it, cutting the fruit in half. Close the halves and put the fruit in jars in the "shoulders". Banks are placed in rows cut down. Boil water, pour the fruit. Give to stand for 5 minutes. Water is drained in a measuring Cup or large mug. So I can see how much I got drained of fluid. Pour it in a pan, which put on fire, put sugar, dissolve it in liquid and bring to a boil. Boil syrup 3 minutes and pour the juice SICILIA, mix. By measuring mug I know how much I have merged the liquid, and therefore know how much sugar and juice. For example, I made 5 jars with a capacity of 0.5 liters, filled with fruit, I have merged exactly 1 liter of liquid, so I will need 300 g of sugar and 3 tbsp juice SICILIA.

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Poured the fruit syrup over them. Immediately shut down and turned on the lid. Was allowed to cool. A lot of sugar and sterilized jars with fruit, but not mandatory for those who do not trust, you can 5 minutes to prosterilizovat in a saucepan with water, put the jar on a layer of cloth or gauze.

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Such preservation of fruits is very convenient for small apartment, where useful space is great for storing cans just yet.
I made one jar of peach, one jar of apricots, a jar of large plums, and two jars of assorted of these fruits. I did so much to show, and of course I make more.