Eggs with tomato salsa

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A summer like to cook eggs with tomatoes. In my family, too, there are connoisseurs of this dish. I suggest to try a version of eggs+tomatoes not quite traditional, familiar option. The idea of the recipe thank you Lillaya and her LiveJournal!

Ingredients for Eggs with tomato salsa

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggs with tomato salsa

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Boil an egg soft-boiled. Clean, crushed with a fork.

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On the tomatoes to make cuts, pour boiling water, let stand for a while, then drain the water and remove the skin of tomatoes.

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Finely chop tomatoes and parsley.
In a bowl, combine chopped tomatoes, parsley, season with salt and pepper to taste, pour in the balsamic vinegar, add oregano and Basil. Carefully and gently stir.

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Spread crushed egg in portion cups, and top with the tomato dressing and serve!