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Figurines of animals out of marshmallows :)

Ingredients for Marshmallows

Video of cooking Marshmallows

Step by step instruction of cooking Marshmallows

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1. Cover the gelatine with cold water, stir and set aside to swell.

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2. In a saucepan, mix water with sugar and glucose syrup, put on medium heat and cook to a temperature of 112 degrees.

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3. At the same time with boiling syrup to put in the bowl of a mixer whites and start whisking at a slow speed. Then gradually the speed of the mixer to increase up to high and whip whites until soft peak. Proteins and syrup should reach a readiness at the same time. So is a fire and the speed of the mixer.

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4. At the same time dissolve gelatin in the microwave, boil none.

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5. When the syrup has reached 112 degrees, and the whites whipped to a soft peak, remove from the heat and pour a thin stream into the whites, avoiding the syrup on the whisk. Then pour it into the gelatin. Whisk until stable peak for 1 more minute.

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6. To divide into parts, paint gel food coloring and spread on the frosting bags. Marshmallows must be warm (about 45 degrees), otherwise they freeze. I put kitchen towel in the pan and heated in a convection stove, you can put in hot water or in the slow cooker.

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7. The surface which will isolate the animals liberally dusted with starch. The bags make a small hole and press out the parts, giving parts of the deposited previous to freeze. Fully deposited to the animals give stabiliziruetsya 2-3hours. Ready marshmallows on top sprinkle with starch, shake off excess)