Pancakes on sour milk

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Always come to the rescue of the Browns on the menu! Indulge on the Breakfast family! And to result from the dishes to achieve a little bit have to work hard! Mugs are very flat, we don't need ( and fluffy they are! For each family, at least the thousandth time what the secret will be useful to us! And I am extremely willing to learn! I know those you want to share!

Ingredients for Pancakes on sour milk

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes on sour milk

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The pancakes are usually based on fermented milk drinks — kefir, yogurt, sour cream or yogurt (and buttermilk and whey), these products make the pancakes tender and fluffy. Each dairy product has its fans, and pancakes on sour milk is no exception: they come out so delicious and beautiful that many Housewives are beginning their oven not only when the kitchen portion of sour milk. Often the milk drink specially for pancakes) to Quickly transform milk into yogurt you heat the milk and pouring it in vinegar (0.5 liters of milk will need 2 tsp. vinegar 9%). My milk will start to coagulate.
I have this time, it was already sour natural cow milk (in the sun brought)))
And so: Into the Cup to break the eggs, add sugar, salt, whip all with a whisk.

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Pour egg mixture to the sour milk and vegetable oil

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Again whisk (mixer is not in use! ( (

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Add 2 cups flour and soda, stir gently with a whisk.

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Perfect homogeneity can not be achieved, even small lumps of flour remain — the batter for the lush pancakes on sour milk does not like special kneading (

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Next, flour (3rd Cup) add in portions of 3 tablespoons and mix into the dough. It is necessary to achieve the consistency of thick cream, this point is particularly important. If the flour will be enough, the pancakes will not rise, and if very large, it will not be baked.
Now the dough needs time for, to do this, cover the Cup with a lid and put in a warm place for 20 minutes. If the house was not a warm place for proofing, then put the bowl of dough in the larger bowl with warm water.

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After 20 minutes the dough is ready for frying. On the surface you can see the bubbles from the reaction of baking soda with sour milk. The dough does not mix!
Pour into the pan (most reliable, with a thick bottom, ideal if cast iron) oil (oil is necessary to take a very small number)and on high heat very well to warm up, and this is another important point. If the pan and oil are hot enough, the fritters will not work "perforated".
Take a tablespoon of dough on top. Do not disturb! And put into the heated oil. Now the fire can be turn down to medium. If everything is done right, on oladushki will appear here such holes.

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Using forks or shovels to turn the pancakes when one side is sufficiently brown, and fry on the second side

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To remove the finished batch from the pan and put to obzhivatjsya new.
Out of this number of products is a huge pile of pancakes on sour milk, about 45 pieces.

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Slightly cooled muffins served with jam, cream, honey or condensed milk.

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Even cooling down, the pancakes will not fall and will remain as high with crispy fried barrels.

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In the context of

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Bon appetit!