Omelet bachelor

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This omelet is delicious, hearty, flavorful, and most importantly made of the products in the fridge of many bachelors and caring Housewives! 2 kinds of cheese (hard and processed), sausages (Bologna and salami), tomatoes, sour cream, eggs and voila, yummy!

Ingredients for Omelet bachelor

Step by step instruction of cooking Omelet bachelor

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Take 2 large eggs or 3 if you want the omelette to be richer and more luxuriant. Add 2 teaspoons is not too liquid cream (I have 20 % "Glechik"). Vancompernolle decommission stir until smooth.

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Next, heat the pan and spread on her cool butter. I use it because it gives a special tenderness and delicacy, seemingly simple dish. If you cook the omelet for 1 or 2 people, and also appreciate the height and fluffiness of the cooked, use a pan with a diameter of 18-20 cm At the same time, prepare other ingredients. Hard cheese grate on a medium grater. Use a variety, but low-melting varieties. If desired, add a soft cheese, but mozzarella, for example, has a weak taste and needs to be supplemented.

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Similar actions make with processed cheese. Just please, buy a good quality cheese, not some "Friendship". I prefer the "Cheerful Burenka" or "Syromolotov (with mushrooms). Such a household, but delicious complement to cheese, Stela header slivochnie and expressive!

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Take 1 medium tomato and cut into rings, if you want prettier, or kubikmeter-to litsami that practice to get better. The optimal thickness of the rings is such that from one tomato they turned 8.

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Shred 2 types of sausage arbitrary cubes. For brown circles, you can separately fry for 15 seconds on each side, and only then start cutting.

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The sausage added to the mass before pouring into the pan, because then time to arrange the cubes will not. For the same reason, the rings of tomatoes it is better to put on yet empty pan (except butter, of course). Fry the mixture (5 to 10 minutes depending on thickness) under a cover on weak fire, turn over 1 time very carefully. For a minute or half a minute until cooked sprinkle with grated cheese, add other toppings.