Zucchini for future use

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Harvesting continues! I want to share with You the harvesting zucchini! It's the most versatile vegetable... it does not! Want it, want vari, want salt, want sakharine... Want to freeze or dry! I offer You three methods of procurement - squash eggs, dried zucchini rings, and several options for freezing. I cook eggs using a different technology than there are here on the website! For me, this way works best for others. See You! And about drying the zucchini, I learned here on the website... Accidentally coming across this post, but can't even remember among the recipes or tips! Publish very long time and it is unlikely that many have seen it. Let the original author will forgive me for the repetition (the name and the nickname I can't remember)... And not a lot about how I freeze zucchini. Take a look and perhaps gather for themselves something new.

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Ingredients for Zucchini for future use

Step by step instruction of cooking Zucchini for future use

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Make zucchini. Peel. Cut into circles thickness 1.5-2 cm Cut out the core. Thus we get a bowl of cereal and a pot of peelings. The yield of peelings 1.5 kg. For drying zucchini will fit a half-inch pipe. Wraps her in cling film, take the zucchini and put to dry in the sun, securing between two stools.

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Drying zucchini is not one day! So the time we have more than enough for cooking calf! Onions and carrots clean. Cut onion (strongly granulate optional), carrots three on a large grater.

Шаг 3

In the cauldron of the heated oil and pour onions.

Шаг 4

Fry the onion until light Goldberry and pleasant aroma.

Шаг 5

Add carrots and passeruem until soft.

Шаг 6

Then there clean the courgettes and cover with a tight lid. The fire is very big do not do, to not burnt!

Шаг 7

After 15-20 minutes remove the lid and stir the vegetables. See that the zucchini let small amounts of juice. Cover again with a lid and forget boldly on the half hour.

Шаг 8

After half an hour remove the lid, stir. See that juice has a lot. Now, fire can to increase and continue to simmer without the lid. We need the extra liquid evaporates! Vegetables are cooked in their own juice and therefore the most flavors remains in the finished product!

Шаг 9

After 30-40 minutes of sautéing without the cover you can see that vegetables are heavily settled and practically seethe until smooth.

Шаг 10

Add the tomato and continue to boil until evaporated until nearly all the liquid and while stirring will keep the groove, which is not immediately filled with juice. By the time it occupies from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Depends on the initial juiciness of the zucchini. Despite the long-term quenching process is not tedious as you do not require the constant presence and control!

Шаг 11

Now remove the cauldron from heat and use immersion blender Porirua all good. Then add salt, zaharim, add vinegar and hot peppers on request! Quantity of vinegar may vary depending on the level of acidity of tomato paste! Salt and sugar can also add to your taste! In the recipe specified proportions for my taste!

Шаг 12

Cauldron with eggs cover with a lid and put on a moderate heat. We hear the calf begins to flop. At first idly, and then more and more... When splash will be active, remove the cauldron from heat. Wait a few seconds to the dust under the cover I lay down and remove the cover. She will be "fired" caviar. But do not pay attention. Quickly, without delay, fill a sterile jar of caviar and roll. Turn over and wrap it up for about a day. Of this amount makes about 1.5 liters of caviar.

Шаг 13

I rolled up a one liter jar and left "now" about half a liter of caviar. If You decide to roll in a half-liter cans, rolled and wrapped the first Bank, the remaining eggs in a pot cover with a lid and returned to the fire. Wait until the bubbling is resumed and after removing from the fire fill the next jar.

Шаг 14

Cooking eggs with this technology we minimize the possibility of burns from hot splashing squash mass. And also reduce to zero the probability of burning calves ( compared to the caviar initially twisted in a meat grinder).

Шаг 15

Try it and You! Perhaps this is the taste You are looking for!

Шаг 16

Drying rings of squash I have gone three days with our heat. Surprisingly the smell of dry zucchini like the smell of dry mushrooms! The way the author wrote that before cooking the zucchini dry or soaked, or proverjaem. I have cooked soup with dried zucchini. I share the recipe in next post.

Шаг 17

Now it is the turn of freezing. We love pumpkin cake and pumpkin pancakes. For them I freeze the grated zucchini on a grater. Pan size 20 to 25 cm with cling film.

Шаг 18

Three on a large grater zucchini per batch of cake. (I weight about 1 kg).

Шаг 19

Place on a tray and even out. Layer gives a thickness of about 2 cm from the Top tighten with cling film and put into the freezer.

Шаг 20

Full freeze this quantity of zucchini in the form of this size takes about 4 hours. Frozen layer squash mass extracted from the tray and is additionally wrapped in cling film. And send it back in the freezer for long-term storage demand! I have these layers make 3-4 pieces and put one on one. Store very convenient.

Шаг 21

Storing them very handy in a cardboard box from under the rolled oats. It is great getting on the door in the freezer or under the wall in the camera itself. In this box is placed two squash weighing 500 grams.

Шаг 22

Well, as without zucchini slices? Zucchini cut into circles approximately 7 mm thick. Spread on a tray in a single layer and put into the freezer. Also freeze around an hour.

Шаг 23

Frozen mugs are put in the box and place in the freezer for long term storage. On each box I glued a note, then know that there is waiting for me... And that box was not opened sealed with tape.