Decor for desserts "Swans"

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Dear cooks! I want to share with you a way to create a delightful swans for decoration in our sweet dishes! Whether it be cake, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins... in One word anything you want, you can decorate this way! Complicated nothing, but the sensation of Your products is guaranteed! The first time I made my niece to school for a party... Then a friend's birthday... Then husband to work for colleagues to some kind of festival... the Reaction is always one!! And sounds like this: "UAAAUUU!" Swans invented not by me... but a definite authorship, I don't know, so I will say generally that peeped in the Internet! In the recipe I special attention is paid to the swans, and related steps, give a link. Welcome to my "Swan lake"!

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Ingredients for Decor for desserts "Swans"

Step by step instruction of cooking Decor for desserts "Swans"

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First, prepare everything you need for creating wings and neck with a head for swans! We need: a cooking bag (I have it from a package from under milk https://www.povareno 2/), reducer, nozzles, stencils (left and right wings, neck, head and beak), and culinary sleeve (which is used for baking in the oven).

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Now you can take for the icing. To do this in a clean, dry bowl put the protein and add a pinch of citric acid.

Шаг 3

Now to the protein add 2 tbsp of powdered sugar (spoon full with slide is dialed). Start with a spoon to stir it.

Шаг 4

Add 2 full tablespoons of powdered sugar and efficiently interfere with them. It turns out the composition density, as sour cream... But for us it is too watery!

Шаг 5

Beat in another 2st. L. powdered sugar. Recruit complete with a slide! The consistency is pretty solid already! However, the contours still soften and spoon a lot of slides! To create the outline of the drawing before pouring this thick enough, but the swans have even thicker!

Шаг 6

So, the icing is ready! The cooking bag screw-on reducer and put on a nozzle with a circular hole with a diameter of 7 mm (the hole can have smooth edges or such, as I have - "toothed" territory). Now put the icing into the bag.

Шаг 7

From the bag, cut a strip of suitable height to create a head and neck of a Swan, and the length of Your choice. My plan is to create three swans, so I cut off a length of tape to three products. If You are planning to create a larger number of swans, respectively, and blanks need to place more! In this case, the length of the film increase, or cut a few pieces! (This amount of icing is enough for me 7-8 swans.) Now under the film put the stencil with graceful Swan neck.

Шаг 8

Draw! In the head squeezing a little more icing, and then slowly lead along the contour of the neck without lifting the hand. Drawing the first billet drag the film at such a distance that the workpiece is not in contact with each other! And draw the second and third blanks. The bill is not filled! We put further, by changing the nozzle!

Шаг 9

Now change the nozzle on the nozzle with a round smooth hole with a diameter of 3 mm. And dorisovyvaet beaks! Be careful, that the beak fits snugly against the head. At the base, try to create a seal and the end opposite thinning. Moving the tape with blanks to keep the contour already drawn workpiece coincide with the contours of the stencil! Sent blanks to dry at room temperature on a flat surface!

Шаг 10

To draw the wings I must cut the pieces of tape a suitable size individually for each wing! Which means that three swans cut 6 pieces of tape. Placed under a piece of tape the stencil with the first wing (left or right values is not yet! The main thing then not to get confused, so the wings were paired with each of a Swan!) Start drawing the wing from the end and each subsequent layer closer to the base. The nozzle we have to do the same as when drawing the beak.

Шаг 11

Here is an openwork wing it. On the finished product it will be left.

Шаг 12

To create a bend put our draft on the floor a quart jar.

Шаг 13

In the same way draw the second openwork wing that the finished product will be right! It just placed on the floor a quart jar. Should be placed clearly in the center, so that the film with the wing moved out! And banks with blanks you need to make sure that they are not rolled. I sides back in a pile of silicone molds for muffins... you Can wring the towels cushions and prop them...

Шаг 14

Now create the wings "fluffy". To do this, put the nozzle of the leaf with long slits 10 mm. Piece of polyethylene is placed on the stencil of the wing (again, keep blanks out paired). And since the end of the wing, draw the feathers in such a way that approaching the base of the wing covering the base of the previous row of feathers!

Шаг 15

Here is the left "fluffy" wing it. Place it to dry on the floor a quart jar! Do not forget to commit! Draw the right wing on the same principle and just put on the floor a quart jar! For the third Swan, I draw a "fluffy" wings, but drying it on a flat surface.

Шаг 16

For complete drying of our blanks need 3-4 hours, but I usually leave for a longer time... For example I paint in the evening and leave until morning. This time, more than enough to bake cakes (or anything at Your discretion that You plan to decorate). I bake the cake on the yolks, because they obtained as much as 4 pieces (1 from 3 from icing and meringue). The process of making cake that I did not take off, because nothing complicated... the Yolks put in a bowl, add salt and sugar, RUB until smooth, using a fork, spoon or whisk! Whip is not necessary! Then add flour with baking powder. Stir and spread the batter in the prepared pan with a diameter of 22 cm (in the form of grease and sprinkle with flour or breadcrumbs). Bake at 170 degrees for about 15-20 minutes... To blush and dry splinter.

Шаг 17

The crust is allowed to cool under a towel and cut into two Korzh. I do it using threads https://www.povareno 4/.

Шаг 18

Now seated on the waves of the second Swan. First, put the neck straight on a wave, and then build the body of a Swan and puts openwork wings.

Шаг 19

In the same way make a third Swan. Paint with a thin brush beaks and headbands around the beaks and draw eyes. The remnants of white cream creating the effect of glare on the waves...

Шаг 20

Green cream create edging... I Have another cake remained a piece of red putty and I use Weiner made a flower. You can include your imagination and to create on their own!

Шаг 21

Here is Swan lake we get!
Stencils lay at the end of the recipe, every single photo, so You can use it! But if you want to find in the Internet the other is a stencil or draw yourself! It is very easy! Create with pleasure and joy!

Шаг 22

The cake and cream is taken for example, but you can easily take another dough and cream (the cream should not be wet otherwise the icing will melt! You can take oil cream, protein custard, whipped cream)