Transcarpathian salad "Disposal of the crop"

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I remember this salad, even with my Soviet childhood. The recipe was brought from Transcarpathia. The main feature of green tomatoes. Some brilliant person figured out what to do with the fact that is not ripe.

Ingredients for Transcarpathian salad "Disposal of the crop"

Step by step instruction of cooking Transcarpathian salad "Disposal of the crop"

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Wash and peel all the necessary vegetables. Tomatoes have to be green. Even with the already reddish, beginning to ripen, tomatoes, banks began to wander.
Greens, wash and drain the water.
It was cut with a knife. But now the kitchen has a helper, as a harvester.

Шаг 2

Rinse with boiling water a large glass (not metal, which is important) the bowl and the process has begun! On all about all 15 minutes!
About chili pepper. Depends on the desired sharpness. If you like tongues of fire, you can skip through the harvester 1-2 pieces. And you can put half and deseeded - then it will be just a nice slight kick.

Шаг 3

And get a bowl, "Khryapa," as my husband says. I agree, to cut with a knife - looks prettier, but the taste is not affected, but the time spent is very even.
Dill and parsley in blender and also in a bowl. Add salt, sugar, vinegar. And mix thoroughly by hand as if squeeze the juice from the vegetables.

Шаг 4

Pat, top pour vegetable oil to cover the contents. And set aside at least for the night. Can does not cover, if there is such a place where the bucket will not interfere. I had to cover the mesh (which, to pan the fat splashing), just to get unnecessary items fell. Cover tightly is not necessary - we have the role oil.

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The next day, and I had it for almost a day, stir the salad with oil, inhale the aroma, lick and... go sterilize jars-cover in any familiar way for you.