Jelly potato starch for cakes

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I want to offer to cook jelly (glaze) filling for pies (cakes). Of course you can buy ready-made upakovochki, but sometimes there's no time to run to the store, and the pie you want to fill jelly. Preparing jelly from potato starch and syrup from canned Mandarin oranges. Varying syrups, or juices, you can make jelly of different colors. The idea I saw on a German site from Silvia, thank you very much.

Ingredients for Jelly potato starch for cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Jelly potato starch for cakes

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In a saucepan pour the syrup, add cornstarch, sugar (if necessary).
Mix thoroughly so that the starch is fully dissolved.
Cook over medium heat stirring constantly, until thick.

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Cool slightly jelly, about 2min.
Pour pie jelly, using a spoon.

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Allow to cool 20 minutes until the jelly has set.