Ice cream cones with cream "ice Cream"

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Offer a recipe wafer sticks yogurt. They are not a lot of oil, so their caloric value is much lower than the usual oil waffles. As I propose to use the cream "ice Cream", which has the taste of ice cream.

Ingredients for Ice cream cones with cream "ice Cream"

Step by step instruction of cooking Ice cream cones with cream "ice Cream"

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For the yogurt: in a special container pour the room temperature milk and add the yeast. Cover and shake so that all the yeast has dissolved.
In a special thermos and pour boiling water up to that mark and place the container with the prepared milk. Close the thermos and leave for 6-10 hours. The finished yogurt to remove in the cold, at least 2 hours.

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Waffle batter: In a bowl pour the yogurt, add salt, sugar and egg. Mix thoroughly.

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Add the vegetable oil. Gradually add the flour. The batter should be fairly liquid.

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Preheat the waffle iron and pour 1 tbsp of dough, press it on the lid of the waffle iron and cook until Golden color. Hot waffles collapse in the cone or tube.

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For the cream: in a bowl mix sour cream, sugar, egg and flour.

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Put the bowl in a water bath and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Ready cream when is a picture from halo. Cover the cream with cling film in contact.

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Cool completely cream. The cream should thicken.

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In the cooled cream add the softened butter and beat well. Get a light airy cream. Put into the refrigerator so that the cream slightly thickens.

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Fill ice cream cones with cream. Optional on top you can pour the berry jam, chocolate or salted caramel.