Green buckwheat with yogurt "Healthy Breakfast"

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Let's varied menu healthy Breakfast. The feature of the recipe that can be prepared both salty and sweet option. About the benefits of such food, no doubt. In addition, we will dispense with thermal processing.

Ingredients for Green buckwheat with yogurt "Healthy Breakfast"

Step by step instruction of cooking Green buckwheat with yogurt "Healthy Breakfast"

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To prepare a delicious home-made yoghurt is not a problem with good milk and yeast Oursson. The process is simple - 1. stir the yeast in a liter of milk at room temperature 2. put the container in a thermos of boiling water 3. after 6 hours put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. All! It turns out sooooo tasty yogurt.

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Now combine two very useful product. In the evening in the green buckwheat add the yogurt. Mix and put in the refrigerator.

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By morning the oats have absorbed the moisture of the yogurt was soft and mild, but have retained their shape and texture and most importantly vitamins and minerals.

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Now wash and peel the pepper, chop it with yogurt, salt and paprika.

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Vegetables you can add any cucumber, celery, parsley.

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Another option sweet. Combine the yogurt with your favorite fruits and berries. Today, I have a currant mashed with sugar.

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Starting to put our smoothie. On the bottom put the yogurt with buckwheat. By the way if you want you can shoot down with a vegetable or a berry part.

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Put on top of yogurt with additives. All! Fast, useful, easy and delicious Breakfast is ready.