Tursha in Armenian

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I must say that in the Caucasus tursha is in Ukraine - borsch-every family has its secrets, their proportions, their components. Overall, perhaps. only one thing: it's pickles, made of green beans. Today I will tell you and show you how to prepare turshu my neighbors - Susanna and Arsen Melkonyan, of course, with their secrets and my clarifications. So, today we have tursha on-malkhansky passed through my experience. Done for long and the pleasure immensely.

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Ingredients for Tursha in Armenian

Step by step instruction of cooking Tursha in Armenian

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Preparation Turchi in the Caucasus are reverently, even raised a special sort of beans, which is called: turchia. Who and whatever is said, we have other beans turshu is not ready. But in the absence thereof, can be made of other, for example, asparagus. By the way, the number of ingredients very roughly, understand themselves. The main thing is the principle. Yes, prepare the brine in advance, it needs to be cold. Stir salt into boiling water, and let completely cool down.

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Preparing beans is its boiling. Put on the fire a large saucepan with water, bring it to a boil and boil batches of beans. At the time each batch is cooked, about 5 minutes. Willingness to check with a fingernail if the beans can be pierced with a fingernail, it is ready. Even with a large number of beans the whole process is quite fast: put podvarili and out.

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Boiled beans spread on a paper or cotton towel to warm and glass. Possible in 1 layer. Boiled beans with salt on top, "as the potatoes in the pan, pinch" is a Council Arsen. Why? And who knows, maybe salting starts early. what we fill it with turshu brine.

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While boiled beans, in parallel, do the seasoning. Just all mince, there should be the presence of pieces. Therefore, only a meat grinder or chopper and not a blender. So, skip through a meat grinder tomatoes, garlic and pepper. After that, add salt.

Шаг 5

Clean and immediately spread in the capacity in which we add salt. I have this plastic bucket. Not tossed about anyhow, and gently laid the bean layers. Put a layer about 2-3 inches - and on top of "scattered" a couple of tablespoons of the seasoning. Smear is not necessary, as after flooding with brine seasoning will disperse itself. So layer by layer capacity and fill.

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A final layer of beans. The seasoning is not put. Hands strongly pressed the layers laid down, "adaptive".
If the dressing left, use it as seasoning, not keep long.

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Beans pour the cooled brine. How much brine to pour? Look: under the yoke, which we then put on top, the beans should be just covered with brine. For starters just check the hand. By the way, once you see how divergent in the brine seasoning.