Risotto with vegetables

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Pilaf or pilav (Pilav) Turkish literally means "cool rice porridge". But the pilaf and risotto — two big differences. Unites them only rice and partly to the method of preparation. Risotto is one of the main side dishes of the Turkish table. Ideally, the rice should not be sticky, and should be scattered individual grains. I have the option of vegetables.

Ingredients for Risotto with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Risotto with vegetables

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Love the side dishes from cereals. Always hearty and delicious. Wild rice is generally a song...
Here are our ingredients available to all. From this minimum to turn out the perfect dish!

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In multivarka set mode "Frying". Add the butter, wait a minute, put chopped small cubes onion. Garlic press through a garlic press or small neigh. Add to the onion. The cover is not closed.

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When the onions become transparent, add washed rice. Have always made my rice in three waters, to the last the water was clear in the end.
The rice and fry the onion so that each piece of rice filled with oil.

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My secret spices require roasting. I learned that from a chef many years ago, and I do it automatically every time I prepare.
Now, add the spices, stir. waiting for the end of the program "Frying.

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To the rice add 350 ml of water (cold). Mode include "Grits" 20 minutes close the lid, and prepare vegetables.

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Small cubes, cut tomato, olives.

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At the end of the program "Grits" add the vegetables in the slow cooker, stir, taste for salt. Where necessary adding water (boiling water). Close the lid, set the mode to "extinguish" for 10 minutes.

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In the end, the water has been fully absorbed into the rice, garnish get sooooo rich!

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Believe me, this rice is a great dish on its own. Or a hearty side dish)
Bon appetit!