Grated pepper "Eros Pista"

2.4k - 5 минут 10 порции

Today make a paste that quickly and easily turns diet food for my ulcer in a damn volcano! A little background: that way six months ago I went to Hungary, not least hoping to see the local cooking. First, of course, to try the local cuisine: goulash, paprikash, local dishes, meat in the pot. Well, chute and cook with local products is almost more interesting. And drew attention to the lies literally in every store sauce - Eros Pista. As it turned out, pretty sharp. As in most restaurants, the local dishes were served a pot of the same sauce. I must say it is lovely: delicious, nice goulash which can give kids a couple of spoons makes an elegant soup for fireworm. I only wish to get the sauce out. Flew cheap tickets with one hand Luggage, and... eh... But now I was able to reproduce the familiar taste, and you know what was the most difficult? To believe that everything was SO simple and not to add to the recipe some extra [censored]. So... Let's Go!

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