Cutlet "Delicious"

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Juicy, incredibly delicious, lush burgers. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Cutlet "Delicious"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cutlet "Delicious"

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The pieces of the baton to cut off the crust, crumb pour 70 ml of boiled cold water. Albeit worth it, swells. Meanwhile, for the stuffing add the garlic passed through the press and the onions grated on a coarse grater. The stuffing mix.

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Add salt, pepper, spices and mayonnaise. The stuffing mix.

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Now squeeze our slightly swollen loaf. Let the liquid gets into the meat, it will not be superfluous. Carefully knead the minced meat and leave it to "relax" for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Then form patties and fry them on both sides in vegetable oil. The pan should be well heated.