Cake "frog Princess" and "balls"

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Decor. For those who have got free time and want to make some unusual cake, offer to do one of these two. Of course, they have to Tinker, but the result is stunning. These cakes seem to be different, but really the only difference is the color. This is a sponge cake with cream cream cheese and whipped cream. About mastic and oil of the flowers I will not write, that's all they know. But everyone who has tasted these cakes, the most concerned about the eyes and balls. Here about them, I write.

Ingredients for Cake "frog Princess" and "balls"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "frog Princess" and "balls"

Шаг 1

From agar-agar and boil syrup jelly. The proportions take as described on the packaging, the recipes for different batches are slightly different, so read Your. Only the amount of syrup you need to choose the lesser. For example, on my pack says - 1,5-2 cups of juice, then I take 1.5.
I make two servings of jelly with lemon syrup and the second with milk and any flavoring. Unfortunately, natural flavors are not too bright, you have to take chemistry in milk, I add coconut syrup purchase, it is colorless. Take 1 Cup of milk and 0.5 cups of syrup.
At least on my packet of agar-agar and it says that you have to pour liquid at room temperature, I have agar immediately collapses, so I continue to heat the mixture until just combined

Шаг 2

Those areas that are connected, can be crack on the junction, not terrible for eyes the crack, you can go with melted chocolate, will eyelid. For balls, it is possible to a form to pour a little jelly and put it in the bowl, the excess jelly is spilled, then it is easy to separate.

And that would not bother it is better to buy a silicone form for the balls.

The eye is attached to the cake on the toothpick.

Even for eyes I smash in the blender bit of slightly dried sponge of moss, sieved and rolled in the resulting powder the back side of the eye to create the appearance of the skin.

Шаг 3

Put the cups in the microwave, without pressing them to each other, to the maximum ( mine is 900) for 1 minute. Then give a few minutes to stand and cool down. Then with scissors cut the glass and take out a biscuit. It is better to make the day before decorating, that would be dried up. Then it is easy to pinch off, or grind.

Шаг 4

This moss can be used if the desired effect of velour (and make it spray, which I do not). Moss you need to grind in a blender and sift. And then applied to the aligned cream, cover with plastic wrap and press with hands. I did a frogs head

Шаг 5

The bottom of the silicone mold with a brush cover conturina. Pour some chocolate and spread it on the form. Then send in the refrigerator. Form, the chocolate is easily removed

Шаг 6

To glue the halves of the ball, you need to put the plate on a saucepan with boiling water. When the plate heats up, attach the chocolate halves. The edge will melt and equalized. Until the chocolate is frozen, press the two halves get the ball.

Шаг 7

Well, the last element of the decor - chocolate arrow, or any direct, narrow element made of chocolate

If I just put a line of chocolate, then I have first, it always! turns rough, the second is blurry and the third breaks easily. So I decided to make these stripes form - just turned four times a piece of baking paper to form a rigid sheet. Then the sheet is bent and pressed along the fold. Shame, but put it in a book. Otherwise held. And in this fold, it squeezed out the chocolate.

Шаг 8

Toothpick has issued a sharp tip and put in a half-open the form in the refrigerator (without the book). Once the chocolate has cooled, take the arrow out, put the flat side on a flat parchment and added a tail. The arrow was very strong and smooth.