Chicken baked in the oven

370 - 120 минут -

There is nothing better than browned chicken baked in the oven. A minimum of spices and seasonings and flavorful dish on your table. Bake the chicken... :)

Ingredients for Chicken baked in the oven

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken baked in the oven

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Chicken rinse, lightly Pat dry with paper towel, to remove the upper phalanx on the wings. RUB inside and out with mixture of salt, lemon pepper and paprika.

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Bandage tourniquet. How to tie the chicken shown in the photo below. This method I saw on the Internet. Tried to repeat it.

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Place the chicken in plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator overnight.

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Next, place the chicken on the grate at the bottom to put a baking sheet or a baking dish of vegetables. Chicken and vegetables will be ready at the same time. When the chicken is done to check released inside the juice. If the juice is light, the chicken is ready, if pink, to increase the cooking time of chicken. The temperature of roasting chicken 170-180C. Approximate cooking time 1 hour.30min.1 hour.40 min. I Want to note that I give only an approximate temperature and cooking time. Ovens are all different and everyone needs to focus on the capabilities of your oven. When the temperature is too high the chicken will burn on top, and inside to remain raw, so the temperature should be optimal.

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Bon appetit!