Cake with cranberries and chocolate

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Cake with cranberries and chocolate. Simple and unpretentious home-made cakes. Preparing elementary, of products pretty quickly. In my opinion, a decent option for a family tea party. Try it! Delicious...

Ingredients for Cake with cranberries and chocolate

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake with cranberries and chocolate

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Everything happens very quickly, so the oven it is necessary to include warm-up, 180°.
Eggs (S0) whipped with powdered sugar white. Still whisking, pour in corn (refined sunflower) oil, then yogurt. Instead of powder you can use sugar, in this case, beat the dough will have a little longer. Possible substitute yogurt for low-fat sour cream, yogurt or kefir.

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The flour (both kinds) to sift, mix with salt and baking powder.
Add to liquid ingredients, stir until smooth. The consistency is a thick cream.
A cake is moderately sweet. Sweet tooth, try the dough in the sugar. You might have to add sweets.

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Add to the dough chocolate. I used the chocolate drops. In the absence of such, you can coarsely chop regular chocolate.