Cake a La "the ruins of the Earl"

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Cake with meringue and vanilla pudding

Ingredients for Cake a La "the ruins of the Earl"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake a La "the ruins of the Earl"

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First make the meringue:
Egg whites whipped in a solid foam, still whisking, pour a thin stream of the sugar and the vanilla sugar.
Well beaten egg whites steadfastly held on the rim and not hanging down.

Baking tray lay a parchment paper, to transplant using a pastry bag of meringues in different sizes (properly cooked the dough for meringue retains its shape and on the surface of the deposited goods are clearly visible and the contours of the notched nozzle).
Bake the meringue at a temperature of 100 degrees for 1.5-2 hours.

To make the buttercream:
The softened butter vzbit before receiving lush elastic mass of white. Then, without stopping whisking, pour in oil in small portions of condensed milk and whip until fluffy homogeneous mass.

From milk, sugar and pudding powder to cook the pudding as described on the package.

Collect the cake:
Put sponge cake on a plate, fastened around ring-side for the cake. Pour on top of hot pudding, cover with 2 layers and allow to cool. Remove the rim.
The sides and top of cake coat with cream, then put the meringues slide, dipped hem in cream (like concrete rubble). Cover with melted chocolate.
Put in a cold place overnight for impregnation.

Bon appetit!