Apple jam

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Well, what else to add.. Apple jam and Apple jam!

Ingredients for Apple jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple jam

Шаг 1

apples wash, dry, cut into thin slices, sprinkling with sugar.
sugar->apples->sugar->apples, etc.
I sprinkled sugar "by eye" (not himself, of course :D )
the apples were large, so I poured the sugar in 1-1,5 Apple

Шаг 2

leaving the apples in the cold. After 12 hours drain off the resulting juice.
Boil it, pour apples, again in the cold.
This kind of have the apples after a few treatments draining-boiling juice. Well they "dipped".

Шаг 3

Spread the jam into sterile warm jars. Roll (hard turn), turn and allow them to cool in the inverted condition, for example, until the morning.

Шаг 4

Cold turned and hid while he ate :-)