Plum ice cream with honey

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Very easy to prepare ice cream with a slight plum acidity, and fragrant honey. I always thought to make homemade ice cream - it is very difficult and requires special equipment (ice cream freezer). However, somehow recently stumbled on the Internet at this recipe now and spoil your loved ones with delicious and soft ice cream. You can replace the plums with any other fruit but this year happened on plum harvest, so the feast of plum and honey ice cream.

Ingredients for Plum ice cream with honey

Step by step instruction of cooking Plum ice cream with honey

Шаг 1

Large ripe plums, wash, thaw (if using frozen berries). Peel and seed.

Шаг 2

Plum pulp to turn into a puree in a blender. Yogurt mixed with honey and combine with the berry puree. Mix well.