Beet pancakes from whole wheat flour

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Beet pancakes from Zelezarny, with the addition of rye flour and mayonnaise. The pancakes did for chicken roasted on the grill. Today is the last day of carnival. Bake festive pancakes!

Ingredients for Beet pancakes from whole wheat flour

Step by step instruction of cooking Beet pancakes from whole wheat flour

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Boil beets in advance. I did it the night before. It thoroughly with my brush. Cook "in uniform". We need for pancakes beet broth, so it maintained, taking out a cooked until tender beets. In grinder put chopped beets, add mayonnaise, broth 100 ml, and sugar.

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Penetration. If anyone have a chopper or blender, you can grate the beets on a fine grater.

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Sift flour into the mixture. Make the dough. The batter should not be thick. For consistency it should be well spread on the pan evenly without effort.

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Easy to roll over and Dozhivem on the other side.

Шаг 5

Of this amount, turned out the test 7 PCs thin pancakes D-24 cm

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Here are beautiful.

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I made these pancakes for a festive feed chicken legs to the grill.

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Serve and eat!