Homemade mayonnaise from pasteurized eggs

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Homemade mayonnaise is always good. Someone is afraid to make mayonnaise due to the fact that it uses raw egg yolks. I suggest you make mayonnaise from pasteurized eggs, and be sure that this mayonnaise is safe.

Ingredients for Homemade mayonnaise from pasteurized eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade mayonnaise from pasteurized eggs

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Egg wash thoroughly and pasteurize. The link to the recipe pasteurized eggs there are at the very end of this recipe

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This mayonnaise can be used as whole eggs or only the yolks.

If you use only the yolks - they will need 3-4 PCs in zavisimosti size. If you use whole eggs - they will need 2 PCs.

The yolks (or eggs) place in a glass from the immersion blender, add salt, sugar, pepper and mustard

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Pour 1/4 of the oil.

The amount of oil calculated to 1 egg yolk varies from 100 to 150 ml So that the oil in this recipe can be used from 300 to 450 ml. the more oil the thicker and fatter the mayonnaise.

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Immersion blender, whisk the mixture until smooth. Pour rest of the butter pieces, whisking each time until smooth.

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Add lemon juice

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Also add Apple cider vinegar. Instead, Apple can use white wine vinegar. Again all whisk immersion blender. Try mayonnaise. If necessary, adjust to your taste the amount of salt, sugar, mustard and vinegar. That's the beauty of homemade mayonnaise - you can do everything as you like.

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Put mayonnaise in a jar and store in the refrigerator. After cooling, it will become even thicker. Homemade mayonnaise stored in the fridge up to six weeks.