Vegetable pilaf with bulgur and dried fruit

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Today I made risotto without meat and bulgur with dried fruit: dried apricots, raisins and prunes. Took the pilaf in Uzbek rice. Used the spices that are added to the Uzbek pilaf, and they are: barberry, turmeric, and cumin, garlic, hot pepper. I have pilaf recipe, but with rice. Pilaf is good not only in the days of Fasting, when allowed vegetable oil. It can be prepared in ordinary days. I will give a detailed description of this dish and the ingredients do not need to change! You'll have a hearty, flavorful, beautiful and delicious dish for lunch or dinner.

Ingredients for Vegetable pilaf with bulgur and dried fruit

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable pilaf with bulgur and dried fruit

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Products you need to cook all at once. To obzhivatjsya they will be on large and medium heat and it is necessary that they were all at hand.

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Dried fruits are steamed and recline in a colander, dry with paper towel. Bulgur washed and thrown back in a colander. Carrots for pilaf, do not be lazy cut into thin wedges. So it is necessary to pilaf and it is really very nice in pilaf looks. Bow clean, cut into half-rings. The garlic straight into the follicles clean to the max (otshelushivaet) and cut away the top leg and bottom a bit. You need to make sure that the bulb remained is whole.

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We will cook at home, not on an open fire and I really like to use the pan-wok, but tonight I'm going to do a lot of rice and using a frying pan with a thick bottom and high. If it does not, you need to take a suitable container.
Cut onions for pilaf semi-rings. Pour oil first, 100 ml in the pan and put on fire. In hot oil put onion. IMPORTANT! The oil should cover the layer of onions! I added another 50 ml. so in total I have 150 ml of oil. Proper roast onion pilaf is very important! No need to fry the onions to dark, it will affect the quality of the taste of the pilaf. Over high heat, stirring constantly, zolotim bow.

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Then put dry fruits and fry them together with onions, subtract the heat to medium, and also occasionally disturbing. Turn carrots. All fry on medium heat until semi-readiness.

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A standard set of spices for Uzbek plov: cumin, turmeric, barberry, garlic, hot pepper (pod). Cumin to grind in a mortar necessarily, as it in the pilaf will reveal better its flavor.

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Products in the pan semi-ready. Pour water to cover the contents of the wok or frying pan. When it boils, add salt and put the cumin and barberry. Cook for 15 minutes, subtract the fire and covered it with a lid.

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Now put turmeric powder, stir and placed in the center of garlic and chilli. Cook for another 15-20 minutes. It's called zirvak-the basis for a pilaf. A very important stage in the preparation of any risotto: lean, with the meat.

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Remove on a plate of garlic and pepper. I'll never throw out, and then put in the finished dish. I really like the garlic from pilaf.

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Put the bulgur. Evenly distributed layer in the wok or frying pan. Fluid should be just above content ~ about one see Fire added to full that the liquid is quickly absorbed.

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Diminish the fire to a minimum, collect the bulgur with a spoon to the center of the slide and pierce in several places to the bottom or a stick or a spoon handle. Cover with a lid and cook for another 20-25 minutes so that the risotto was well stewed.

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Open the lid and stir the risotto. Still keep on fire for 10 minutes. Pilaf is ready.

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Served. I put in the middle of the garlic and chilli. This is for lovers in the family, maybe someone likes it. I love it!

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