Imeretian saffron

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Dear cooks! Tracking a long time recipes, published on the website, I came to the conclusion that almost all cooks love to use in their dishes spicy! And of course, most of these spices are purchased... Often, when you buy, you may encounter either with the high price of spices, or low quality... today I Want to share with you how we do house one of the most popular of spices - Imereti saffron. At home we simply called "saffron", but in fact real saffron is derived from other plants! How homemade "saffron" fragrant purchase, words cannot Express! And to do it at home not working. The scope of this spice is very extensive: drinks, meat, fish, vegetables and cakes sweet and not sweet! Look! Read! Take note. PS Wanted this information to be published in journals or useful advice, but came to the conclusion that the diaries and tips are not so popular among the visitors of the website, how popular the directory recipes... And hopefully more people learned how easy to cook this spice!

Ingredients for Imeretian saffron

Step by step instruction of cooking Imeretian saffron

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Imeretian saffron is not only a versatile spice, but also a storehouse of good! Its use has a beneficial effect on the whole body from blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, vision and ending with a General strengthening of the immune system. For cooking spices better to use flowers with rich colors from orange to brown! Them most contain carotene, copper and lutein. Plucked flowers with sepals. My good! And strung on a string, forming a kind of necklace.

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Drying is best on draught and no direct sunlight! Some are dried in the oven or in the microwave... I don't recommend, as the temperatures affect the contained nutrients and change the flavor! Is it possible to use a special machine? I think that most likely Yes! Because it is designed for smooth drying without overheating!

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How much they will dry depends entirely on the conditions in which You are drying them! From the room temperature and humidity! As well as the density with which You strung! Let him hang a little longer than not dosahnout! My grandmother always used VERY much and therefore hung "floral beads" in the summer kitchen... to Hang there they could and a month or two... I dry a moderate amount and they hung in my kitchen for about two weeks.

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Well dried flowers are removed from the thread. Some use for spices only petals, but we use the whole flower! So much more fragrant!

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Put the flowers in a coffee grinder. Put more! If you put little flowers, they are badly crushed!

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Grind hard! How long will crushed depends on the power of the grinder and its volume... takes me 30-40 seconds...

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Now take a small (!) a sieve (the smaller, which is in the house, but not flour). Grind and pour a lot into it. Of course under the sieve should be a plate or bowl.

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After the first sieving is a lot of garbage to sieve All the seeds and veins... throwing it away.

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Sift the resulting powder through a sieve it 7-10 times. Each time waste is less and less.

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When the sieve with a mesh of that diameter, there is almost nothing left you can change it for flour sieve (very fine) and sift another 7-10 times. Why just not worth it to sift through a flour sieve? Because initially the mass contains a lot of waste and small flour sifter simply just will get clogged and will not sift anything...

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I usually sifted seven times in each sieve and get a great result!

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Pour our Imeretian saffron in a jar with a lid and use in the preparation of food and drinks!

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In tea we add the dried marigold petals. It's delicious and rich... If You haven't tried, highly recommend!

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But for comparison Imereti saffron is prepared from the petals and that of the entire flower. Petal color is brighter and the degree of shredding a bit smaller, but the taste and aroma so MUCH more from saffron, which the entire flower! It's spring and it's time to make the seedlings or buy seeds of these wonderful flowers! Don't miss your chance! Try making this spice at home You'll never buy it in the store!