Chocolate osamabin with a banana

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Today I will tell you how to cook chocolate osamabin with a banana. This is a very tasty, quick and healthy Breakfast of oatmeal. The taste of this oatmeal pancake can be changed every day, you can add berries and fruits. This oatmeal pancake, you can do sweet: remove cocoa and add cheese, ham or herbs.

Ingredients for Chocolate osamabin with a banana

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate osamabin with a banana

Шаг 1

In a blender pour the oatmeal, grind.

Шаг 2

Add the egg, milk, cocoa, and continue to grind.

Шаг 3

On a heated pan add a little vegetable oil, pour the batter and fry on both sides until cooked.
Cut the banana into slices, spread on a pancake and our super Breakfast is ready.
Optionally add cheese, yogurt, sour cream, condensed milk.
Delicious chocolate osamabin ready! Bon appetit!