Sauce sulini

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Hello. I come from Macedonia. There is yogurt sauce SULINI that our nation delivers to the table for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. With it you can do a sandwich, add fruits or, on the contrary, greens and garlic. Sulini ideal for meat and vegetables with a fire. I want to share with the Russian cooks this simple and delicious dish of our national cuisine. It can be used instead of high-calorie mayonnaise as the dressing to a variety of dishes, you can make sandwiches with it or be put separately, just as the sauce addition.

Ingredients for Sauce sulini

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauce sulini

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First we need to prepare natural yogurt. The milk is heated to a temperature of 40-45C. Dissolve in warm milk yeast (or yogurt).
Important: the milk should not be pasteurized, and boiled, otherwise, it will remain live beneficial bacteria.

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The dishes cover with a lid, wrap in a towel and put in a warm place (to retain the original temperature).
After about 7-8 hours the yogurt will ripen and reach the desired consistency. It's important not to shake and not stir, because in this case will begin to separate serum, and delaminated yogurt will lose its density.

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To obtain sauce sulini pour the yogurt in a cotton bag and hung. The serum seeps through the cloth and drains. After 2-3 hours you get about 400-450 ml of sauce. Bon appetit!