Night oatmeal in a jar

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Offer to cook a very healthy Breakfast – lazy oatmeal in the Bank. Such a Breakfast is done in the evening: put into the fridge for the whole night and in the morning prepared Breakfast. Berries and dried fruits you can take any, you can add nuts and coconut. Yogurt can replace milk or yogurt. This is a great Breakfast for those who in the morning have little time or do not want to cook.

Ingredients for Night oatmeal in a jar

Step by step instruction of cooking Night oatmeal in a jar

Шаг 1

We will cut arbitrarily dried fruits. Put in a jar 2-3 tablespoons of oat flakes

Шаг 2

Lay out a layer of dried fruit

Шаг 3

Fill the yogurt so that it covered a layer of dried apricots.
Then again put a layer of oatmeal

Шаг 4

Puts a layer of dried fruit or berries and fill with yogurt