Duck "Jingoistic patriotism"

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Thank you to all udevadm website. "Read" all the recipes are great! And again, no claim to originality, and have made for themselves. And "me" is to simplify to the utmost, not to dance with a tambourine in the kitchen more than an hour or two and the taste is predictable - duck with a light bread aroma.

Ingredients for Duck "Jingoistic patriotism"

Step by step instruction of cooking Duck "Jingoistic patriotism"

Шаг 1

Duck wash, clean, dry and pour kvass and leave for at least 3 hours (I leave overnight). Why sourdough? Well, maybe fascinated with the words "from old Russian recipes". Kvass, horseradish, serum it since ancient times. Oh! Already tanned!

Шаг 2

Potato peel, cut in large quarters, dry and fry. Is it necessary? Don't know, but I remember a fiasco at a party when I put it in the oven raw potatoes. It "freezing to death" and then nothing could force her to get ready, neither time nor temperature. I always fry "one layer".

Шаг 3

Slightly cooled after roasting the potatoes grease with sour cream, cream or yoghurt, mixed with spices (coarse salt and black pepper, pounded in a mortar). Can mayonnaise. Sprinkle pepper/salt powder the carcass inside and outside and preputium potatoes a bit. The number and range of spices is adjusted according to your preferences.
In my family all tastes from "almost no salt and pepper" to "Oh, that's hot". For spices I am very careful, if not careful.

Шаг 4

In the duck carefully lay the potatoes ( don't want to get mashed in duck). Yes. Yes... Epilate before the end of this Donald duck and failed. Ashamed, I confess! Money is that it is only on the neck and the skin of the abdomen, which is left to full sun (the duck is very lean) and will mercilessly cut off! Well, the legs and wings foil shielded from excessive drying and podgorelec.

Шаг 5

Ready! Taste as expected, a simple duck in General. And the bread flavor is not interrupted completely specific smell game. Probably homemade kvasok was stronger rye. Son-in-law, not favoring duck, and ate with pleasure steamed, but don't seethe the potatoes.

Шаг 6

Garnishes to taste or what you have. In our family - certainly the elastic compote or pickled fruits (pears, apples, peaches) and, of course, the Russian Queen - a fermented or pickled cabbage but with cranberries, mmm...
Ideas to add flavor in the process of roasting balls of bread Borodino. To come up with what to seal these "meatballs"! Not enough rye sour, and kvass played sweeter than we.
This has turned into "jingoistic patriotism".