Cellophane with pork "Red dragon"

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Incredibly delicious, rich dish. Sliced pork with vegetables in a sumptuous sauce with numerous combinations of spices and flavors. Sharp, sour and sweet combination in the environment gentle funchoza will leave the most pleasant impressions. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Cellophane with pork "Red dragon"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cellophane with pork "Red dragon"

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Carrots cut into the floor rings as well as onions. Celery cut into small dice. To put fry vegetables in small amount of vegetable oil. When the vegetables have started to brown, add bell pepper chopped medium dice. Garlic and ginger cut finely enough. Add to vegetables and continue to fry all together for another 5-7 minutes.

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Pork pre-boil and cool. Better to do it the day before. Funchoza boil according to package instructions, drain in a colander and rinse in cold water. To drain excess fluid. To the vegetables add the pork cut into strips and hot pepper slices. we are from the seed of the pepper is not clean. Fry with vegetables for a few minutes. The fire abated. Pour in the teriyaki sauce, mix and saute for a few minutes.

Шаг 3

Then add salt, sugar and vinegar. Mix well. Add funchoza and again mix well. Leave for a few minutes to stew, to all "friends".

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Pour black sesame seeds, mix well. Leave for a minute, then fire off. To put Skeet and enjoy!