The pearl-barley porridge with squid and mushrooms

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Crumbly, just the "pearl" pearl barley porridge with mushrooms and calamari are incredibly tender, tasty and nutritious dish. Many Housewives sidestep pearl barley, considering it too simple for a delicious dinner or lunch. It is enough to add to the barley porridge a couple of ingredients, and the dish "sparkle" bright new flavors.

Ingredients for The pearl-barley porridge with squid and mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking The pearl-barley porridge with squid and mushrooms

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Pearl barley rinse (to clear water), place in a pot, pour cold water (1 part grain:3 parts water). Some varieties of barley for a long time fall apart, then the groats need to be soaked ~ 40-50 minutes (before cooking rinse well).
Bring barley to a boil, add salt to taste (1/2 tsp), and boil under a cover on slow heat, 50 minutes. Turn off the heat without opening the lid, let the rump to infuse for 20-30 minutes.

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While the barley comes to the ready, prepare the filling:
Peeled onions cut arbitrarily and fry in small amount of oil (the onions should remain crisp). Ready onions together with the butter, add the barley, cover.

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Oyster mushrooms clean of debris, quickly rinse in cool water (mushrooms are like a sponge, quickly absorb the water)cut off the stem, coarsely chop, put in the pan (after Luca wash), a little add salt. On the big heat evaporate the juice, add a little oil + tablespoon dry marjoram, saute the mushrooms until light brown. As well as onions, add the butter to the barley, cover.

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Squid (pre-thawed, cleaned from the skin and film on both sides), slice across the rings. After frying the mushrooms, rinse the pan (the remnants of the spices), pour a little oil, put squid,
on the big heat evaporate the extracted juice, salt, pepper, fry until light brown. Add the hot squid with the oil to the barley.

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The contents of saucepan, stir, cover, allow the flavors to "friends" 20-30 minutes.
Barley porridge serve hot with fresh vegetables.
Bon appetit!