Of artal

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The artal - the so - called Georgian sirloin, shank, and also a meal out of it. In fact, the broth is very concentrated, fragrant, and most importantly, very useful, especially for a growing body!

Ingredients for Of artal

Step by step instruction of cooking Of artal

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That's the part we need. This picture I took on the Internet, and at the same time learned that in cooking it is considered to be the best part for the broth (!) - live, as they say!

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And this is of artal, which I cooked immediately evident that the bones and veins out there than meat, but this is the most valuable!

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In General, you take 1.8 kg. of the shank, wash it and put in a pot, pour 4 liters of water, bring to a boil, remove foam and cook on low flame, under cover for 3-3,5 hours! That's the whole recipe - I even feel embarrassed to call him that! Water not topped up, no spices, roots, onions, etc to add! Meat should be soft after boiling to separate from the bone.

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When the meat is cooked, take it out with a slotted spoon (a fork can't - it's falling apart!), strain the broth - here's a lean and very flavorful broth.

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In a mortar to mash these garlic with coarse salt (you can just add to each plate pressed garlic, but I prefer crushed).

Шаг 6

Put it on plates, a piece of meat, choosing where more veins - it is so tender that chewing it is generally not necessary, pour into bowls of broth, add to taste garlic, salt and chopped fresh parsley.
Bon appetit!

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And it is our broth the next day from the fridge! You see, the spoon stands! The white bits on the surface is a frozen fat ( I took it off to see the jelly). The fat layer is very thin, so that the broth is non-greasy, not heavy and very nutritious is a storehouse of calcium, protein, collagen and in General, building materials for bones and joints. Cook it your children, grandchildren, and no supplements!
! By the way, children like it very much.