Cheese cake ice cream "chord"

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Dessert of cottage cheese in the form of ice cream with three different flavors, caramel nut, berry and vanilla - will have to taste not only the children but also for adults! Very nice! This cake is the perfect end to an Easter meal!

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Ingredients for Cheese cake ice cream "chord"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese cake ice cream "chord"

Шаг 1

Cheese is better to take fat - the more fat, the tastier and more tender dessert. I have had 2 bundles 200 grams 2% and 5% fat.
In the bowl of a mixer put all the cheese, sour cream and 50 g normal condensed milk

Шаг 2

Beat all in a homogeneous mass immersion blender

Шаг 3

Now this mass is divided into three equal portions, - pour in a convenient whipping dishes. In the white part to add a packet of vanilla sugar, I have from Dr. Oetke, beat again, set aside

Шаг 4

Pre-cook the fillings - roast the nuts and chop the candied fruit

Шаг 5

In the second part we will add boiled condensed milk and half of the nuts, we'll run a blender into a homogeneous mass

Шаг 6

In the third part add the berry puree - I had a ready home from Cassis, you can take any on your taste, but recommend taking the berries sour, the remaining ordinary condensed milk (here you focus on your taste, someone may need less or more, depends on what you sweet tooth), and also all beat in a homogeneous mass

Шаг 7

Prepare a rectangular (or any other) form, covered it with cling film. The size of my form 21*11*5,5.
Pour the first layer ( I have this berry, I forgot to take pictures) and put on 30-40 minutes in the freezer prior to setting layer. Then pour the caramel mass and lay on top of the remaining nuts. Again, remove in the freezer for 30-40 minutes

Шаг 8

In white vanilla part add the candied fruit, mix with a spoon

Шаг 9

Pour the last layer to close the edges of the film and put into the freezer to complete solidification of the dessert - I have staid night.
The cooking time indicated with no waiting time of readiness of the cake.

Шаг 10

After the time remove the pan from the freezer, remove the dessert, pre-heating of the mold wall ( I carefully poured the boiling water over the sink) and pulling the ends of the film, flip it to a serving platter and release from the film

Шаг 11

Decorate to your taste and possibilities, I melted dark chocolate, struck the mesh, decorated with sugar beads from Dr. Oetke, and tried to build a kind of flower from candied), and even chocolate made of letters.

Шаг 12

Before serving the ice cream cake should be kept in the refrigerator for an hour or two, slitting hot, dry knife