Festive Uzbek pilaf

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I want to introduce you the recipe for a festive Uzbek pilaf. Since my husband is from Eastern family, I learned to cook Eastern dishes, including plov, which is considered the main dish of the table. A classic recipe pilaf is cooked with meat, and we will be with meat and dried fruits, this pilaf is cooked on holidays in Uzbekistan)

Ingredients for Festive Uzbek pilaf

Step by step instruction of cooking Festive Uzbek pilaf

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Melt in the cauldron fat, if not, then suitable vegetable oil. Cut the meat into nice pieces, I love that meat with bone, rice turns fragrant. In raskalennyj cauldron with oil, put the meat and fry on high heat. The rice is pre-washed and soaked for 1 hour in water.

Шаг 2

Cut onion into semi-rings and put the meat, fry 5 min on medium heat.

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Carrots cut into strips and put in the cauldron to the onions and meat, fry until soft carrots.

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Then add water to cover the meat and carrots and spices. You can take a ready-made spice for pilaf, but you can separately add a pinch of barberry, cumin, turmeric. Sirvac simmer under a lid for 15 min. Put the washed dried fruits, in the middle of the stick the whole garlic and pour the rice level. Sprinkle with salt, pour water 1cm above the rice and cook 40 min. after the time to stand for another 15 min. That's all, rice is ready, spread on a plate in portions or in one big dish slide.