Rice with mushrooms in multivarku

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Rice with mushrooms, it is very harmoniously combined and is quite a hearty dish. Can be served as a standalone dish for lunch or dinner, or as a garnish to meat and fish dishes.

Ingredients for Rice with mushrooms in multivarku

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice with mushrooms in multivarku

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Products for cooking :

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Dry mushrooms wash well under running water. Soak in cold water (1 liter), 30-40 minutes. Soaked mushrooms, rinse again, drain the mushroom infusion. Mushrooms boil in the strained mushroom infusion 20 minutes, a little (1/3 tsp) salt.

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Cut the onions and carrots in the bowl multivarki mode "roasting" fry the vegetables in vegetable oil, salt (a pinch, what would the vegetables were succulent), pepper, add the oregano. When vegetables are covered with a ruddy crust, then add mushrooms, stir, put the bowl multivarki.

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In the bowl multivarki pour a glass of rice add 1 tbsp Rast. oil +0.5 tsp. salt, stir, pour 2.5 cups of mushroom broth.

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Then put the vegetables with mushrooms (do not stir).
Cook the rice with mushrooms in the mode of "extinguishing" time 40 minutes. At the signal, ready, mix the cooked rice with mushrooms and vegetables, close the bowl multivarki, date, dish "exchange" flavors about 30 minutes.

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Serve as a separate dish with fresh vegetables, or garnish to meat and fish dishes.

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Bon appetit!