Trout with an allowance

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Option-recipe, simplified to the max and min utility work (thanks to all the cooks - the masters of poaching). Nothing fry. Any fats, except for "fish". Blitz: just/quickly/ naturally. Hope for the diet.

Ingredients for Trout with an allowance

Step by step instruction of cooking Trout with an allowance

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To marinate fish (lemon juice, teaspoon without top coarse salt or as used) for 1-2 hours or more. Always thoroughly clean. However, this is perfectionism and surprise causing fans to enjoy Rybkin skin. Delicious or what?!

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On the Internet there are different options of broth from milk to cucumber pickle. Classic - a thick fish broth. The broth doesn't happen often. Often make a vegetable in a frying pan!
Noble fish, lemon, salt and full-bodied broth of onions and carrots - enough.

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Stew the vegetables for about 10 minutes on medium heat without lid, without hindering the evaporation (condensed broth). Put vegetables in cold or boiling water - you decide.

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Put the steaks, sealing the edges with toothpicks. Vegetables "shift" give without lower and upper vegetable pillows. If necessary, refill water (the broth should be 1/2 the thickness of the steak or 1/3). Start the process with open lid until boiling.

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Ready! They say that this method of cooking retains the usefulness of fish. But color no. Sorry.

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The side? Mini salad bar: do it yourself! Without salted fish, but remained at stykovanii pieces for a night and got ready. Notice that the combination of salted and poached, almost fresh, fish is very nice!