Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas

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Offer You a recipe of strawberry & banana cake without baking. Delicate summer dessert with strawberries and banana. Bright and beautiful cake with a pleasant taste and delicate texture. Every year I get excited about when you see this delicious berry that becomes decoration for any dessert.

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For the base of the cake chop in a blender (or regular rolling pin) cookies into crumbs and mix with melted butter.
The form for the number I used with a diameter of 18 cm What would the edge of the cake was more smooth, the side of the forms I have posted a package for baking. So when removing the cake from the mold it is okay.

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Make the strawberry banana layer:
To dissolve gelatin, we need warm milk. If you mix 300 ml of hot milk 200 ml cold - you will get the ideal temperature. Or you could just warm the milk in a microwave. The main thing is not overheating what would gelatin do not lose their properties. To the milk add in advance zamochenny gelatin and mix until dissolved. I was mixed right in the blender.

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Two ripe bananas, peel and sliced, add to a blender full of shredding.
We'll also add two tablespoons of sugar in warm milk that he, too, had dissolved.
Strawberries cut into beautiful slices. As did I, you can see in the video.

Шаг 4

Spread the strawberry slices along the side of our form.
Pour half of the strawberry-banana mixture. The remains of the strawberries (leave a few berries for decoration)cut into smaller pieces and also pour into the cake form.

Шаг 5

Strawberry POPs up and that would be a layer of berries were in the middle of the cake to harden it will have in two phases.
Allow to harden slightly in the fridge. Meanwhile, the milk mixture is left on the table that she hadn't frozen along with the cake.
After 30 minutes, when half of the layer is frozen, gently pour the second half and again sent in the fridge.

Шаг 6

Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate layer.
In hot milk melt dark chocolate and mix with a spoon of sugar and pre-zamochenny gelatin. Carefully with a spoon spread the chocolate glaze on top of the frozen milk layer.

Шаг 7

What would the cake just well stuck and well cut, better to leave it in the fridge for another hour or even three.
Decorate the cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

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Bon appetit!