Mega Apple pie on kefir

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It is unrealistic delicious recipe for Apple pie. It turns out very tender, juicy, tasty and mega-delicious. You have to try it!

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In a bowl beat with a mixer the eggs, salt, vanilla sugar and sugar. Then, still whisking, gradually pour in vegetable oil.

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Add yogurt and mix well. Pour half of the flour and the sachet of baking powder, mix well. Add second half of flour and mix well.

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Apples clear from the core and cut into small slices. Mix the apples with the dough.

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Form (size 27 by 20 cm) grease with vegetable oil and transfer the dough with the apples, spreading it throughout the form. Send in the oven for 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees.

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When Apple pie is ready, allow to cool, and then get out of shape. Optionally, you can decorate with icing sugar. All enjoy your tea!