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As stated in Wikipedia: a TaboóLe Oriental salad, appetizer. The main ingredients are bulgur and finely chopped parsley. Sometimes bulgur is used instead of couscous. Homeland cakes are such countries as Lebanon and Syria, where he often served on lettuce leaves. In addition to bulgur and parsley, in the tabbouleh can sign mint, tomatoes, green onions, other herbs and spices. Tabbouleh dressed with lemon juice with olive oil. Anyone who adheres to the diet and those who eat lots of vegetables and cereals! This is your salad!

for Lent

Ingredients for Tabbouleh

Step by step instruction of cooking Tabbouleh

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The need to pre-cook bulgur or if it is small, then steamed. You need to, it was warm. I'm tired of bulgur, that he was fine. Prepare everything you need for my tabbouleh. I will use cucumber, cherry tomatoes and parsley. Make the dressing. Combine olive oil and lemon juice. I squeezed the juice from slices of lemon.

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For tabbouleh vegetables cut finely. I cut finely the parsley and cucumber, cherry into quarters. Sent in a salad bowl. Warm bulgur to make a cooked dressing.

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Send the bulgur to the vegetables. If the filling was not enough, you can add.

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All put together and optionally add salt to taste.. I used sea salt quite a bit.

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That's the beauty of I use!