Dry vegetable broth

425 - 20 минут 100 порции

Well, what is the recipe... everybody knows it... Rather, it is a reminder to Housewives that the court in the beginning of summer - the time of young vegetables and herbs. Don't miss out!

Ingredients for Dry vegetable broth

Step by step instruction of cooking Dry vegetable broth

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In fact, it is a complete vegetable soup from the recipes "just add water".
Dried vegetables can be different. Maladechna vegetables type of carrots or beets easily dry right on the table, cut into strips. Especially in the summer heat.
You can use a dehydrator, you can dry them using the oven or aerogrill. If dry "their own" - it is better to avoid direct sun. However, all this information is also known to all.
And, of course, can and should make a mixture to your liking. The dry mix keeps all the flavors and color of all components of herbs and vegetables. Very flavorful and colorful. Someone who likes cilantro, some garlic. You can add Basil, lemon or apelsinovyy zest, garlic arrows... Yes, anything, until the young leaves, nettle or pigweed, burdock root and parsley.

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Details: new potatoes.
I cut in strips. Of course, this turns larger than carrot sticks.
The strips in boiling water for 60 seconds.
61 the second is poured through a colander, slightly dried in air and in the convection oven in a single layer on 80 degrees. After a couple of hours dry potatoes are ready. In the mixture it!

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Details: tomatoes.
Options. For example, cut into rings, to prisolit and add pepper to your taste, leave for a day in the fridge. The salt will pull a lot of moisture that would evaporate during the drying process, the drying process will be faster.
If dried tomatoes mixture of vegetables, and not as a separate billet, then dried, but still soft slices cut into small pieces and chopped already dried up to a crisp.
And if dried tomatoes are like tomatoes that are dried, but still soft and leave. On or in the package in the freezer or in a jar in oil in the fridge.