Liquid iris

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Want to offer a very simple and quick recipe for making homemade caramel. He will need all 3 ingredients and 15 minutes of time. Can be used as a standalone dessert, and topping for ice cream or pancakes. Even for layer cakes, for example, everyone's favorite the cake "Snickers", or prepare caramel cream, or freeze desserts. In General, a very versatile dessert!!!

Ingredients for Liquid iris

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For cooking we will need a saucepan with a thick bottom.

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Approximately half of the sugar of the total mass pour into a saucepan and on the fire a little below average start to drown.

Шаг 3

A spoon is better not to mix so it does not come from lumps, and sometimes just "roll" from side to side.

Шаг 4

When almost all the sugar is dissolved add the second half.

Шаг 5

Also sometimes mixing - pumping from side to side. And while sugar is heated, sent the cream in the microwave. They should be!!! hot!!!

Шаг 6

When all the sugar is dissolved (be careful, sugar is not to overdo, as it may appear Horace, and that caramel got corrupted), add the butter. All mix well, careful not to touch this!!!

Шаг 7

Then put hot cream. Be careful here. The mass will boil, it's OK (a very big difference in temperature). Stir it carefully to the bottom of nothing burnt and proverjaem.
At this stage you can add a pinch of salt. She set off the taste. And if you want explicit salted caramel, you can add 0.5 tsp. salt.

Шаг 8

If you want liquid - 5 minutes will be enough, if thicker - about 10 minutes. I cooked 8.
Here's the caramel turns out. While it is still hot, it is liquid. But when cooled, will become thicker. And when you lie down in holodilnike, direct holds its shape well.

Шаг 9

Allow to cool a little and pour in a jar, in which we will keep.
After it rises in the refrigerator, caramel is even better.

Шаг 10

Our caramel sauce is ready. It is very similar to candy, "Toffee".

Шаг 11

That's the consistency of caramel after a night spent in the fridge.
If you heat it up, it will become liquid!!!