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Tkemali - Georgian condiment, which is served with meat, add in soups. It can be served with sausages, to fish. Very tasty, flavorful and healthy salad!

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Ingredients for Tkemali

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tkemali

Step 1

Plum wash, put on fire, add 1 Cup of water. Cook until then, until the separated bone. Wipe through a colander.

Step 2

Bone pour 1 Cup of water, crumple and also wipe through a colander.
Parsley, Regan, cilantro, garlic and pepper mince.

Step 3

Plum put on fire, add salt to taste and sugar. Let the sauce to boil so that the sugar and salt were separated. Then add greens, garlic and pepper, minced. Mix well, let boil and remove from fire.

Step 4

You need to pre-sterilize jars.

Step 5

Plum sauce is ready, pour into banks and roll. Wrap until cool.

Step 6

Seasoning should not be too sharp, rather sour it is. Therefore, the garlic, the pepper adds every woman individually. I even add ground coriander seeds.

Step 7

The cherry plum can be red, yellow, and maybe even green. You can put both green and red.

Step 8

Also, asparagus can be cooked with prunes, is also good.