Cake"Snow White"

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Delicious tender cake. Preparing just. Will decorate any holiday table.

for New Yearfor birthday

Ingredients for Cake"Snow White"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake"Snow White"

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This is the ingredients for the dough.

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Soft butter, sugar and vanilla sugar and mix with a mixer until smooth.

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One drive egg - whisk, add the milk and knead well. Then add mixed with baking powder and sifted flour, knead the dough well. Divide the dough into two parts-in one part add the cocoa and knead well in a mixer - until smooth dough.

The bottom of the form vystelit baking paper or grease with margarine and spread the light dough to form. On the dough cherries, which we threw into a colander, that would stack the juice, but the juice does not pour, it is still useful to us.Cherries are not a lot of press into the dough on top of cherries put the dough with cocoa, flatten and put in heated to 175С the oven for 50 mins But it is necessary to look at what oven, I baked for 40 minutes, the Readiness check as always - a wooden stick, if dry then the cake is ready.

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Whisk cream with sugar and vanilla sugar and a thickener for cream until stable peaks, then enter the cheese and again whisk.

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Without removing our Hoop with cake put the cake into cortico and apply the cream on the cooled cake.