Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"

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Tursia - a dish popular in Bulgaria, the literal translation means pickles, although the vegetables are marinated. No holiday or feast is not complete without this tasty, crunchy snacks. You can take any vegetable, but most often it is done with cauliflower, carrots, bell pepper, green tomatoes. It is prepared as a quick option, when you can eat the next day, and as a billet for the winter. Once you try, you will always cook this yummy!

Ingredients for Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"

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Step by step instruction of cooking Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"

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In a saucepan, pour water, add salt, sugar, sunflower oil and vinegar. Bring to the boil, allow to simmer for 3-5 minutes and leave to cool. The marinade should be warm but not hot.

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The combination of vegetables chosen for their taste, but more put cauliflower and carrots, they are especially delicious. Cabbage divided into florets, vegetables in small pieces.

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In a clean jar on the bottom put black, allspice, Bay leaf. Imposed arbitrarily vegetables, alternating them, greens. If you do tursio for the winter, banks sterilize.

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When the marinade has cooled pour vegetables with marinade under the top and close the lid. You want the vegetables to stand for about four hours, then remove them in a refrigerator overnight, the next morning they are ready. They are stored for about 3 weeks. If you make for the winter, then in each jar, add 2-3 tablets of aspirin and close. Instead of aspirin you can sterilize jars for 20 minutes, but then the vegetables will not be as crispy. Bon appetit!