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Aromatic vinegar

Aromatic vinegar

Another recipe in the Treasury of flavorful vinegars of the site.

Cooking time 5 minutes Number of servings100

Ingredients for Aromatic vinegar

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Aromatic vinegar

Step 1

Once it so happened that on the website the vinegar is mentioned most often in the negative sense: "tomatoes without vinegar", "a salad without vinegar" and a bunch of other recipes, the title of which sounds minus the vinegar.
And I love vinegar, I do not see in it anything bad and I offer you a simple way to make ordinary table vinegar incredibly noble aroma.

Step 2

Open a liter bottle of vinegar, pour it in a packet of black pepper, a bag of allspice, whole (nerezannyh) pod bitter pepper and small piece of finely chopped ginger.
Actually, this whole recipe. Close the lid and leave the bottle alone. The theory is that any tinctures should be kept in a dry dark place. You can use even in an hour. But the longer it stands the stronger the flavor and noble work.
The taste in the first place hear the aroma of black pepper and sweet pea, then you know that it's still vinegar.
Aroma of ginger and Cayenne pepper followed behind, despite their vivid nature.
Very tasty and pleasant-smelling blend of flavors.

Step 3

Great seasoning for vegetable salad or baked fish.