Chicken liver "Vegetable delight"

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Friends! Hurry with you I share! After all, the dish is impossible not to fall in love! So tasty, tomato, and so flavorful! Prepares all just incredible! Liver the miracle of vegetables! Sweet pepper, zucchini! Juicy will be! Very gently! Everyone will like it of course!

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Ingredients for Chicken liver "Vegetable delight"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken liver "Vegetable delight"

Шаг 1

Liver wash, cut into 2-3 pieces, put in hot oil, sprinkle it with flour

Шаг 2

Just fry very quickly (seconds) only to have it grabbed from all sides

Шаг 3

Shifted while the liver on a plate (a slotted spoon)

Шаг 4

Arbitrarily chop the onion and saute in the same oil (where you fried the liver)

Шаг 5

Add the grated carrots to the onions

Шаг 6

A couple of minutes fry onions and carrots

Шаг 7

Then add the zucchini

Шаг 8

And also fry for 2-3 minutes

Шаг 9

Then sweet pepper (all cut arbitrarily)

Шаг 10

And a minute or two fry

Шаг 11

Then return to the pan the chicken livers and add all the spices (except salt)

Шаг 12


Шаг 13

Add ketchup and salt to taste

Шаг 14


Шаг 15

Simmer everything together for 7-8 minutes

Шаг 16

Here's a pan, it turns out)

Шаг 17

Chicken liver with vegetables is ready

Шаг 18

Turns out it is a separate dish, but you can with your favorite side dishes submit

Шаг 19

Bon appetit!