Mashed honeysuckle from a modern housewife

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Continuing the line initiated in the recipe "jelly modern Housewives" (and the modern woman makes everything fast, technologically and dieting), describe their harvesting berries for example honeysuckle - the earliest berry we have in the Northwest.

Ingredients for Mashed honeysuckle from a modern housewife

Step by step instruction of cooking Mashed honeysuckle from a modern housewife

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1. To prepare the berries for processing: to sort, wash, dry. Weigh the berries and calculate the right amount of sugar.

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2. Grind the berries with the help of modern equipment, blender, grinder, and if the berries a bit - just RUB colocoscopy.

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3. In berry puree add sugar and leave for 20 minutes, until the sugar is dissolved. Stir from time to time. Be sure to try: you may have to add one or two tablespoons of sugar. The puree should be sweet and sour. However, it is a matter of taste, but too much sugar is not needed. The Ministry of health to prevent tired!

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4. Pour into plastic containers or bags, label, put in the freezer.
Note: the photo containers filled about halfway. Later I will add more puree.

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Tip 1. You can make puree from one kind of berries, and can be kopirovat, for example, honeysuckle blackcurrant or strawberry, red currants. But the berries ripen simultaneously. That the product does not freeze twice, I do so: in a container pour one of puree to 1/2 or 2/3 of the height and freeze, and when later there will be another berry, I take out frozen, add more puree on top and again put in the freezer.
Tip 2. And, you can in ready mashed potatoes add a little whole small berries - so delicious!

Mix, try it, and You will have your own brand blanks! Good luck!